beyond carbon

Thank You

Beyond Carbon Partners

Beyond Carbon is a proud partner of some of the most dedicated and passionate organisations and local farmers. Enabling us to deliver the latest pioneering solutions to you.

Our Scope

To sow the seeds of biodiversity regeneration to help UK businesses and communities go Beyond Carbon.

Achieved by producing carbon credits and biodiversity net gain units, which are then used to neutralise UK business carbon footprints and environmental impacts. Delivered through the repurposing of agricultural land back into wooded habitats and biodiverse landscapes.

Beyond Carbon will use its assets to deliver key value propositions that go beyond mere economic return and into much more valuable environmental and social gains for the communities in the areas connected to the lands under its care, and the businesses working with us.

Our Vision

To contribute to the repair of human led climate change that is already damaging our local landscapes and communities.

We will do this by restoring regional eco-systems biodiversity, through the regeneration of land and the fostering of connection and value to the communities these lands link.

Delivering for sustainable, connected and unified communities, as well as businesses and planet.

Our Why?

Man-made climate change is an opportunity to be better, do better and create a new age of exciting value propositions, such as new social and economic models that benefit our communities and enrich ways of living and delivering business, in balance with the eco-system we rely on for our very survival.

We recognise that although we all have the power as individuals to do our bit, as a corporate organisation we can and should do more.

Action must follow this knowledge. To contribute to the repair of human led climate change and the catastrophic impact this has on our communities, we will deliver biodiversity regeneration by returning species poor land into wooded habitats and/or biodiverse landscapes. This will provide a service to support a carbon net zero delivery strategy for our customers and partners, including work we already support with for clients such as the NHS and Network Rail.

The financial sustainability this work offers will then enable us to develop partnerships with local communities, so that the work we do can also deliver more direct, long term, sustainable benefits to the health and care of not only the environment but the communities, culture and people of where any developed land is based.

As a business we will ensure that our journey is sustainable, authentic and leaves the right legacy.

Our Objectives

  • Deliver a biodiversity regeneration land design, routed in environmental, social and economic best practices by end of November 2022.
  • By end of October 2022, develop a relationship with interested parties, such as Woodland Trust, Devon County Council, Natural England etc that can support and influence:
    • A land design plan that supports public access and engagement
    • A land design plan that offers added value to the local eco-system such as improved water quality, planned support for species of special interest such as the Pine Martens
  • Complete EWCO grant applications by end of October, and local grants to meet stackable funding stream plans.
  • Sell Carbon Credits by January 2024.
  • Sell BNG Units by March 2024 (Market creation dependent)
  • Deliver a minimum of 50 biodiversity net gain (BNG) units, coupled with an increase of woodland land cover.
  • Deliver policies & processes to ensure Beyond Carbon’s transparent and environmentally sustainable business practices.
  • Deliver a project management plan for the delivery and maintenance of the land design by end of December 2022.