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About Ines Munday

About Inês Mun​day:

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Inês Munday, as Managing Director for Beyond Carbon Ltd, plays a pivotal role in advancing our sustainability mission. With a Masters in Design for Sustainable Futures and a background in sustainable product and furniture design, she embodies a deep understanding and unwavering passion for sustainability.

Inês’s impressive journey includes international recognition for her product design work and a strong career in the health and social care sector, gaining invaluable experience in navigating intricate agreements across local and national levels. Her ability to engage with key stakeholders is a testament to her expertise.

At NewZapp, Inês leads the way in assessing environmental impact, setting sustainability benchmarks, and driving action plans. Her dedication, adaptability, and resilience are hallmarks of her approach, all balanced with a positive and proactive attitude. She is a knowledgeable and approachable advocate committed to regenerating biodiversity and promoting sustainable business practices.

about darren hepburn

About Darren Hepburn:

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Darren Hepburn, Beyond Carbon’s Sales Director, excels in understanding client needs and delivering tailored solutions. In 2022, he and colleague Trevor Munday were honoured with the Technology & Innovation Award at the Devon Living Awards for their impactful work at NewZapp Communications.

Darren’s expertise lies in guiding businesses to meet their unique requirements. His deep understanding of client needs and his ability to provide bespoke solutions make him an invaluable partner. His career shift from hospitality to SaaS reflects his dedication to meeting clients’ needs. As a director at Beyond Carbon, he plays a vital role in regenerating biodiversity through land management and habitat restoration.

Embark with us on the path to a sustainable future guided by an expert who excels in understanding and meeting your specific needs.

about trevor munday

About Trevor Munday:

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Trevor Munday, our Finance Director at Beyond Carbon, is an accomplished board level executive with a track record in various business environments.

With over 25 years of financial expertise including startups and as a non-executive director in the luxury holiday sector, Trevor excels in tackling complex financial challenges and driving long-term business sustainability.

A skilled solution finder known for quick decision making. His founded his first business in 1998, which has grown to become a major communications partner to the NHS and public sector with revenues exceeding £1million.

Throughout his career, Trevor has consistently focused on fostering sustainable business growth. In his role as the financial lead at Beyond Carbon, he remains committed to empowering organisations toward a sustainable future.

At the heart of Trevor’s approach is a profound understanding of the reasons behind every financial decision. He is dedicated to strategic execution with quantifiable outcomes and to fostering enduring engagement for long-term growth and prosperity. These principles are perfectly aligned with the significance of sustainable financial practices, establishing him as an essential force in Beyond Carbon’s financial success and a valuable asset to its clients.

Beyond Carbon Partners

Beyond Carbon is a proud partner of some of the most dedicated and passionate organisations and local farmers. Enabling us to deliver the latest pioneering solutions to you.

Ready to join the movement?

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities, learn more about our services, or inquire about how we can help your business achieve its sustainability goals.

At Beyond Carbon, we’re fueled by ambition to surpass the UK’s Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) guidelines. We don’t merely align with the 30-year commitment; instead driven to establish protections for our sites for at least 100 years.

This pledge underscores our deep commitment to enduring environmental resilience, our promise to future generations, and the preservation of nature’s invaluable gifts.

Together, we can make a difference and go Beyond Carbon.